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The Artist & her Work

Jacqueline started painting her Remembrance Collection in 2014. Her first work, ‘We Remember, We Fight On’ was painted as a tribute to her friend Royal Marine Neil Dunstan, who tragically lost his life in an IED explosion whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2008.

Since then Jacqueline’s artwork has helped raise over £280,000 for military charities.

Being one of the final generation whose grandparents served during The Second World War and whose great grandparents served during The First World War, Jacqueline has a strong desire to remind people, through her imagery, that the freedom they are blessed with today wasn’t free. Remembrance Day is Every Day.

Jacqueline’s military poppy prints have been well received by an international audience, and have very quickly proved extremely popular; she is now widely regarded as the country’s foremost Remembrance Artist.

Jacqueline paints in both expressionism and impressionism styles. Her original works are painted impasto in acrylic, using texture to create mood and depth, with red remembrance poppies juxtaposed against gritty impressionistic landscapes. Her paintings feature silhouettes which help her audience connect with the works in a more personal, emotional and sentimental way; encouraging the people she paints for to relate to the subjective nature of the paintings.

“The paintings flow from my heart onto the canvas. Although my scenes depict war, I try to bring an element and sense of peace to my work; this being what we all hope for and what lives have been sacrificed for.

“My paintings are highly textured and include a lot of layers, and what’s hidden is equally as important as what is visible. This represents the mind and the long term suffering that war often inflicts.”

Remembrance Service at St Clement Danes Church Royal Air Force

Jacqueline was delighted to exhibit her paintings at St Clement Danes Church, London, the Royal Air Force Central Church of Memorial. Seen here at the RAF Remembrance Service, November 2022

At the 2017 Festival of Remembrance, Royal Albert Hall

For three consecutive years (2015-2017) Jacqueline was invited by the Royal British Legion to exhibit her collection at The Royal Albert Hall for the Festival of Remembrance.

Between March-July 2017 she was honoured to have forty-one of her remembrance paintings exhibited at the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire, where they were in the company of no less than His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge, who visited the Arboretum to open the wonderful new award-winning Remembrance Centre there.

Jacqueline has been a guest on British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS) Radio to speak about her work, and her images have also featured in a number of publications. They have been used as cover images for magazines such as Army&You, the magazine of the Army Families Federation.

In June 2018 Jacqueline was delighted to accept an invitation to become a Patron of the National Military Working Dogs Memorial charity (NMWDM UK).

The charity commemorates the Military Working Dogs who bravely served their country in both World Wars and more recent conflicts.

November 2022: ‘So Proudly They Rode’ features on the front cover of Pathfinder magazine – available to read online now for free

The National Memorial Arboretum in 2017; His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge visited to open the new Remembrance Centre

November 2019: ‘Remember And Reflect’ features on the front cover of Pathfinder magazine, together with an interview with Jacqueline and more of her work inside – available to read online now for free

Winter 2015: ‘My Knight In Body Armour’ features on the front cover of Army&You, the magazine of the Army Families Federation.

May 2020: ‘Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day’ features on the front cover of Pathfinder magazine.

Jacqueline (2018) presents the original painting ‘You Don’t Stand Alone’ to the Police Roll Of Honour Trust, accepted on their behalf  by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Cressida Dick.

October 2020: Jacqueline is honoured to have ATTENTION! Magazine feature her painting  ‘A Message Of Remembrance’ on the front cover of their 2020 Remembrancetide issue

The National Memorial Arboretum in 2017; Jacqueline with her War Poppy Collection

Jacqueline’s original painting ‘Unity Is Strength’ is owned and on permanent display at The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

The painting was commissioned by the 105 International students of the Joint Services Command and Staff College and she is photographed here during the presentation ceremony in July 2018, with the Commandant, Air Vice Marshal Chris Luck MBE, who said that “the painting is beautiful and will be treasured”.

May 2020: Jacqueline is honoured that Pathfinder magazine requested ‘Love Life And Live’ for the cover image of Left Right Left ~ VE DAY 75 SPECIAL

Jacqueline’s debut exhibition at The Royal Albert Hall, London for The Festival of Remembrance 2015

“I can never thank you enough, you give your todays for our tomorrows.”

About the scarlet corn poppy

The scarlet corn poppy, which is one of the features of Jacqueline’s work, grows naturally in conditions of disturbed earth throughout Western Europe. Its use as a symbol of remembrance was first inspired by the World War I poem “In Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae after witnessing the death of his friend, a fellow soldier, on 2nd May 1915. 

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