‘War Poppies’


High quality print, professionally produced on linen textured brilliant white 350gsm Zetamatt board, measuring 12.5” x 12.5” (32 x 32cm) including a titled border. Free P&P within the UK.

The War Poppy Poem by Jacqueline Hurley

Engulfed by crimson, I bow my head; Your pain and tears wilt me. In the soil and mud, I found my place; Where the still of peace embraced thee.

Here I watch over, where others laid; Weary and rough as I. Their memory nurtures and sets me free, So I bloom from where they lie.

I stand strong and unyielding, for I am proud; Like you, I am blessed and free. As we remember those who gave, Their lives for you and me.

Jacqueline’s poem surrounds three sides of the War Poppies print.

Jacqueline’s powerful and poignant War Poppy Collection is her tribute to our heroes in the Armed Forces and a remembrance to all those fallen or seriously injured in past campaigns.

In this Collection Jacqueline uses the stark redness of the worldwide symbol of memorial – the poppy – to create contrast against gritty impressionistic landscapes. All her paintings feature silhouettes which is intended to allow her audience to connect with the works in a more personal and emotional way.

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