Jacqueline’s powerful and poignant War Poppy Collection is her tribute to our heroes in the Armed Forces and a remembrance to all those fallen and seriously injured in past campaigns.

Jacqueline is widely regarded as the country’s foremost Remembrance Artist having had the honour of exhibiting her artwork at The Royal Albert Hall for the Festival of Remembrance each year from 2015 – 2017, and from March-July 2017 at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Featuring 'Unity Is Strength'

Commissioned by The Defence Academy of The United Kingdom, Jacqueline’s tribute to all those who serve in The Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

Introducing War Poppy T-Shirts

By popular demand! This T-shirt is the first offering in a new War Poppy merchandise collection.

A strictly limited first edition release to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One.

Peace & Sacrifice

Although Jacqueline’s imagery depicts scenes of war, she brings an element and sense of peace to her work, this being what we all hope for and what lives have been sacrificed for.

From the Heart

Jacqueline paints from her heart using the stark red of the worldwide symbol of memorial – the corn poppy – to create contrast against gritty impressionistic landscapes.

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Jacqueline offers professionally produced Open Edition and Signed Limited Edition prints to buy online. 10% of profits are donated to the Royal British Legion & the Royal Marines Association.

Original Paintings

now available to Reserve

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The collection evokes emotion, reflection and remembrance, using texture to create mood and depth, and silhouettes to allow people to relate to the works on a more personal, subjective level.

Jacqueline’s paintings remind us of our on-going military role to fight for those who are unable to defend themselves against evil; wherever it exists, and whenever it is possible to do so.

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High quality prints, 12.5” x 12.5” (32 x 32cm)
£21.99 each, free UK Postage & Packing

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Hand signed and titled, 20″ x 19″ (50cm x 48cm)
£295 each, free UK Postage & Packing

Frames shown for illustrative purposes only


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